Privacy Policy

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What kind of information's do we store?

  • In order to provide you with bumps and the appropriated content for your guild, we save the guildID, userID, channelID, custom-content.
  • When users send the bump statistics are tracked about the bump (number of times bumped and cooldowns).
  • If at any time you are blocked from sending/receiving bumps a reason and the flag is stored to prevent bumps.
  • When a report is sent about a bump, we store the reason, the guildID and the userID of the reporter.
  • When a guild adds/removes the bot a message is sent to our Support Server as a notification and is not stored.

Why do we store the information and how we use them?

  • We store information's to provide you with the right information information for your guild and settings you picked. This gives a better user experience and prevents spam and junk being sent to your guild.

Who gets this data?

  • The Data are saved on Mongodb Atlas. See their policy by clicking here.
  • Staff at BumpIt! gets to see if a guild is blocked.
  • The detailed information can be only seen by BumpIt! head developer.

3rd Party Data Sharing

  • We do not share any data to a 3rd Party.

Questions and Concerns

  • If you are concerned about the data we store. Join the BumpIt! Support Server or DM Torsin#4213 on Discord.
  • You have the right to request all your data we store. It can take up to 5 working days to get all your data.

How to Remove your data

  • Join the BumpIt! Support Server or DM Torsin#4213 on Discord. and open a ticket.
  • If you are banned from the Support Server, DM Torsin#4213 on Discord to remove your data
  • Clearing this data does not clear your blocked data

Note: We reserve the right to change this without notifying our users.

Last updated on August 26, 2022


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